24 april 2014

T.S ___ news _______________whatever!

Tomorrow will Therese Sennerholt launch her new card collection whatever on her webshop, 
that I had the privilege to style and photograph at Delight Studios. Here´s a sneekpeak of the result!

23 april 2014

VEILED LADY ___________by Damien Gernay

I just stumbled over this raw minimalist lamp designed by Belgium based designer Damien Gernay. The lamp collection that includes a floor light, table lights and chandelier is inspired by a mushroom called veiled lady. But the designer describes the lamp design more like an organic anarchy. And what makes it more organic is that each piece is sculpted by hand.

via Leibal

22 april 2014

ACCESSORIES ___________________________ hay

As a interior stylist/blogger I browse through every day lots of great pages on the internet and see so many good stuff that I never post about. That´s why I have started now a new label here on the blog called accessories.
The uncrowned king of accessoarier is definitely Danish hay. Although their brand is wide with a solid furniture collection, it is the little accessories that everyone can afford, that has made the brand so famous and loved among non interior interested too. In my own collection of hay I have bought the scissors, golden clips and the round mirror which I use as props to my stylist assignment.

/glass cover,privat
/golden clips,hay

16 april 2014

ONE PIC _______________T.S news!

Therese Sennerholt goes to hole new level by launching tomorrow two completely new collections, one with snapshots from her daily life and one with her significant quotes on Swedish handmade enamel signs from Skillinge Emalj. Gotta love this brilliant styling  by super talented Lotta Agatonphoto by the best Pia Ulin.

More on Lotta Agaton blog

14 april 2014

BLOOC _______


interior, housing developer

Here comes the first pictures that I styled for Swedish housing developer Blooc. They are launching next week very exiting house projects and new web page where you can see then the official pictures. 


3 april 2014

PRODUCTS__________ book hanger/magazine holder

minimal design

This book hanger that is designed by furniture student Sanna Trotsman and sold exclusively at Lotta´s shop has finally found its place also on my wall. It is one of those love-at-first-sight products, super cool wall detail that is not only practical but also has a strong aesthetic form. Love it!

25 mars 2014

INTERIOR __________ cursive clothing hanger

clothing hanger

A new home needs new storing solutions! In the lack of clothing storage in our new home we made recently a cursive clothing hanger thereSo far this cursive model is only a prototype but it may come to production later this spring / summer.

18 mars 2014

DESIGN _______muuto talent award

I just received a mail about the winner in Muuto talent award. For the sixt time Muuto has hosted the annual competition where talents from the Nordic design schools are encouraged to submit an entry where they express their own story while providing a perspective on a Muuto product. 

The 1st place went to Finnish designer Tuomas Auvinen from Lahti University of Applied Sciences, for his 45° lamp. The shape of 45° allows it to hang from the ceiling, lie on the floor or be placed in the corner where the ceiling and the wall meet, which gives it a multi-functionality that is hard to compete with. 45°is capable of exploiting the spaces that are somewhat used less, and more than other interiors it almost becomes part of the room or buildning, which creates a certain magic.


17 mars 2014

MONDAY SNAPSHOTS ____________delight studios

Last Friday I visited Therese Sennerholt in her office (for some chatter and coffee) that is in the famous Delight studios. But the day became instead a fun and creative photo day where we took amazing pictures of both of us. Therese brought the white balloons and I took my camera with me. Here is the first part of the images that we photographed in Delight studios where "all the magic happens". 

/Big thanks to Delight Studios.

13 mars 2014

ONE PIC_____________ more color

I have been privileged to work last week with Jotun's new global color card shooting in Stockholm, and i´m more convinced than ever that I want to add some new soft colors in my home.